• Interactive Tactic Board (introducing animated exercises and tactics)
  • All communication with players in one place
  • Gather statistical info to improve performance
  • Share exercises with other coaches
  • English + portuguese language versions

All-in-one software to manage the communication, training, data collection and performance of your football (soccer) team



Coachapplet is an app developed for Ipad and Android pads. It enables a football trainer to administer everything related to his team, training and communication, in one place. It has a variety of functionality:


  • The digital tactical board makes it possible to create tactical, physical or technical exercises with movement (animation) - and send these exercises to relevant players and staff (who can see them on their phones)

    Coaches can share exercises in the cloud and hence gain inspiration for their own training & tactical planning.

  • The team section organises players, staff, squads, prefered team and gross squad. It also keeps statistical information on the performance of each player.

  • The match section enables the coach to log important events during a match (f.ex. goals, yellow/red cards, free kicks, passes etc) - and to use this for planning future matches.

  • The calendar keeps track of your important meetings, training gatherings, matches etc. Share relevant info with players and staff.


Players can download the players app to their smartphone and receive important information such as invitation to upcoming matches, exercises they must practise on, meetings to attend to etc.

Coachapplet has a free version for coaches and a paid version for clubs (including advanced options like administering multiple coaches, teams etc)