• Complete overview of players and suppliers
  • Listed companies can control their own presentation
  • Sub-site for each main energy type (wind, solar, hydro, energy systems)

Presenting norwegian competencies and experience within renewable energy (suppliers, service providers, public & private entities)

This online database aims at presenting all relevant players within the Norwegian renewable energy industry with a user friendly interface.

Norwegian renewable energy expertise and capabilities have been developed on the back of the widely recognised hydropower, maritime and offshore oil & gas experience. Norwegian industry is offering unique technologies and products to the accelerating renewable energy markets.

The site maps out the industry within four main industry segments; hydro, wind, solar and energy systems, and covers the expertise along the entire value chain from project development to operation, maintenance & decommissioning.

Each company in the database is categorised and tagged according to their capabilities and other relevant characteristics.

As a guest you may form queries based on free text, categories, company name and more. Your search results and the company descriptions may be exported to PDF.

The continuous maintenance and update is done online by the companies themselves (they are automatically reminded to update their content twice pr year. and can log in directly on the database website, to administer their info).