• Name process
  • Brand identity & Graphic profile
  • Webpresentation of the programme
  • Campaign websites, presentational movies etc.
  • Strategic Communication Advisory

Funded by a € 13 mio. grant from the German Development bank KfW and partnership with the Ministry of planning and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Somalia, the TVET+ programme aims at creating a network of TVET+ service hubs in Somalia.

The service hubs will include entrepreneurship training, socio-cultural activities, networking with diaspora environments and a business incubators for startups and local businesses.

Our deliveries have included

  • Online communication
    Strategy for online communication (branding & cooperation)
  • Brand identity
    Name process, logo/tagline, full graphical profile
  • Webpresentation
    The TVET+ website is the main channel when TVET+ communicates with its stakeholders.
  • Campaign sites (including explanational movies) are used for crowdfunding campaigns towards diaspora and others. Movie example:


All deliveries are made as subcontracts to Green Currency AS who is a strategic partner to TVET+

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