• Naming process
  • Brand identity & Graphic profile
  • Strategic Communication Advisory
  • Webpresentation of the programme
  • Campaign websites
  • Presentational movies

The TVET+ programme aims at creating a network of TVET+ service hubs in Somalia. It is funded by a € 13 mio. grant from the German Development bank KfW and partnership with the Ministry of planning and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Somalia

The service hubs will include entrepreneurship training, socio-cultural activities, networking/financing with diaspora environments and a business incubators for startups and local businesses.

Our deliveries have included

  • Brand identity process
    Name, logo/tagline, graphical profile
  • Online communication
    Strategy for online communication (branding & cooperation)
  • Presentation
    The TVET+ website + channels on social/professional media, in order to communicate with its stakeholders.
  • Campaign activities
    Sites + movies are used for crowdfunding campaigns towards international diaspora. Example of campaign sites

    Example of movie to promote campaign:



All deliveries are made as subcontracts to Green Currency AS who is a strategic partner to TVET+


Visit TVET+ on: