• Discover potential for wind power on a specific property/plot of land
  • Analyse the estimated amount of power that can be generated
  • Clarify the financial impact for the landowner

Online software that determines if there is potential for wind power on your land (Norway)

Vindkart is developed to help norwegian landowners identify areas with potential for extraction of wind power on their land (primarily "unused and uninteresting land" such as peripheral farmland and industrial areas).

The software works with adresses or cadastral references. Once inserted, the land is automatically mapped and the entire area is evaluated based on a number of factors, including


  • Complex wind data (grid coordinates >4 sets pr km2)
  • Distance to houses and buildings
  • Access to power grid
  • Protected areas (nature reserves and other protected areas)
  • Cultural Heritage sites

If there is potential and possiblity for installing and producing wind power on the land, the following analysis are made:

  • expected amount of power that can be generated generate
  • the number of households this could supply and finally
  • the financial compensation the landowner can expect to receive if he decides to parcel the land for a wind power facility.