The engine compartment

Advanced solutions require solid technology. We use Backoffice CMS - an open sourcemodule-based  platform with a high degree of flexibility which allows for integration with the vast majority of external technologies.

We can also work with other platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal upon request.




Userfriendly approach

Backoffice CMS enables administrators and web editors to control advanced features with simple tools/in an easy way.

This means that users without technical expertise can work with the systems, without fear (or possibility) to do things wrong.

Technology must adapt to the users needs - not the other way around!





Central Control Unit

Website, webshop, mobile site, extranet, campaign- or brandsites,
language versions, landing pages....

Same domain, multiple subdomains and/or  domains: Solutions are always controlled by the same, central Backoffice.

You can always control everything from the same Backoffice.




Work in your own language

We often work with international projects that involves multiple administrators and webeditors from different countries.

Backoffice CMS supports multiple languages. This means that each (part)administrator can work in the language he/she prefers.

Do you speak english? Snakker du norsk? Habla español? Parlez-vous français? Fala Português? ...Backoffice does!